Minimise Your Christmas Weight Gain

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Minimise Your Christmas Weight Gain

Mince pie in hand, it certainly is the most wonderful time of the year! But you know those Christmas calories quickly add up. Why not consider these tips for minimising your festive weight gain?


Its hard to resist the temptation when the supermarkets, cafes and fast food venues release their merry offerings. Indulging your sweet tooth isn’t a bad thing but those calories can really add up if you do it throughout the entire festive season. A tall Starbucks toffee nut latte made with skimmed milk, for example, is almost 200 additional calories on top of the normal alternative! So, rather than lose yourself in the gluttony of the season, make a bucket list of everything you want to enjoy in the run up to Christmas and aim to tick off just one or two things a week!


When its this cold, its tough to resist the urge to hibernate! But getting some exercise is one of the best ways to limit weight gain over the holidays. Getting outside is also crucial this time of year as it gives your body some much needed fresh air and a break from central heating! So embrace the winter chill. Why not wrap up in one of our cosy lambswool scarves?


Not only is alcohol full of empty calories but it dramatically slows down your body’s metabolism. This means the carbohydrates in the wine or beer you’re enjoying are being stored as fat while your body uses the alcohol for fuel. In addition to this, it also lowers your blood sugar making you feel peckish. Bear in mind your inhibitions are loosened after a few drinks, you may end up filling that hole with something calorific instead of wholesome! Remember to stick to your units and, for every alcoholic beverage you have, drink a glass of water alongside it!


Cheese, pastry, buttery potatoes – basically, anything laden with calories sounds good when its cold out! But just because salad isn’t appealing this time of year doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a healthy diet. Instead, make the most of seasonal vegetables like turnip, radishes and daikon. Low in calories, these can be used to make delicious winter warmers such as soups and stews!


One of the best things about the festive season is the numerous opportunities to get glammed up. Too tight trousers or a fastening that won’t zip up can easily ruin any occasion, however, so bear your wardrobe in mind before tucking into an extra helping of trifle.